Friday Night Lights’ unsung hero feeds kids before every game

Friday Night Lights’ unsung hero feeds kids before every game

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - There is an unspoken hero during Friday Night Football season.

Harrison High School mom, Jessica Greulich, is making sure no student goes hungry for the big game. She’s no stranger in the halls or at a game.

“You’ll always find me right on the 50-yard-line,” Greulich laughed.

She loves the kids, and spend only a few minutes with the mom of two, and you’ll see the students love her, too.

Every week, that love goes a little further.

“I spend about 15 hours a week," Greulich said while hauling a heavily stacked crate full of coolers Friday afternoon. Inside were dozens of meals for marching band members. “Monday, Thursday, and Friday we put these bags out," she said. “Yes, it’s been a lot of work.”

Greulich says she’s been doing this for years now. Her eldest son is a senior and her youngest is a junior at Harrison.

“It’s almost as if she’s part of the team, part of the school," Warrior student-athlete Carlos Ray said.

Greulich is Director of World Harvest Ministries, a childcare service in Evansville. She says her staff helps her buy, prepare and bag over a hundred meals a week.

“Every bag! Every bag has a different note. “We tell them we love them, we believe them, they can do it,” Greulich said. "They can get their grades up. We tell them we love and that they can be a great leader on and off the field.”

Why does she do it? The answer is simple.

“It’s important to us to invest in them," she said. "You know, when they get to be older, then they will invest in someone else.”

Greulich has big plans for her ministry to get more high schoolers involved. She’s hoping to receive grants to start buying appliances. Greulich says she eventually wants to build a workshop to teach kids how to do laundry, make meals, and be confident in basic life skills in their next phase of life.

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