Taking a Stand: Ellis Park

Here we are once again, talking about the closing of one of the Tri-State's entertainment venues:  Ellis Park.  My question is:  Why aren't we doing more to save it?

This week, Ron Geary is in Frankfort pleading for the Commonwealth of Kentucky to allow slots at race tracks by passing of House Bill 158.

Geary says Ellis Park is at a huge disadvantage to the so-called racinos, or tracks in other states, like Indiana, that have slot machines.

He says without the slots, the purses are so low, horsemen are forced to go where the money is.  And, without changes racing in Henderson will be gone.

I guess I don't understand why we wouldn't put the slots at the race tracks.  For those of you who oppose gambling, I shouldn't have to tell you, people are already betting on horses in Henderson.  And don't forget, they're playing slots several miles away at Casino Aztar.

And how can Kentucky, with a deep history of horse racing, let several tracks in the Commonwealth go under?

And finally, how can the Tri-State, which is trying keep and attract new businesses, let such a gem go?

Our stand is this:  if you live in Kentucky, call your representative now.   Click here for the e-mail addresses.

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