Family reunited with their dog after nine years

Posted by Sarah Harlan - email

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - We all treat our pets like family and if they are missing we're distraught. Now, one Louisville family is celebrating after being reunited with their dog nine years after he disappeared.

Nine years ago, Dennis Geary and his family adopted a German Shepherd named Astro. Three weeks later he ran away. After awhile the Gearys did something most of us would do: they stopped looking.

But they never stopped hoping.

For the longest time, the only thing Dennis Geary had to remind him of Astro was a microchip ID card that he never took out of his wallet. It was also the only reason that his youngest son, Mark, even knew Astro existed.

"I don't remember him one bit," 12-year-old Mark Geary said. "I was just like three years old."

The Gearys only had Astro for three weeks while living in Port St. Lucie, Florida. "I took him out one night and he got away from me. He got out of his collar," Dennis said. "I just never got him."

Nine years, four moves, and five cities later, Astro's microchip was scanned by a shelter in Tennessee.

"They did so much research to find me," Dennis said.

Two days later, Astro was in his new Louisville home, with his old family. "Who knows where he's been going," Mark said.

"I wish this dog could talk, you know?" Dennis said. "He just looked at us both and was wagging his tail, turned his head and was like, 'Where you guys been?'"

"You know how dogs try and find their way home - he was in Tennessee.  He was only two and a half hours away," Dennis said.  "He was almost there."

For the Gearys it's more than a great story. "I think it was definitely meant for us to see him again," Trevor Slay, Dennis's stepson said.

Linda Geary, Dennis's wife, says it's something a little more. "Well I had a very, very rough year last year. I lost three very close family members. I was really torn up for the year. This has brought the light out of everything that happened."

And it's something a little more rare. "After all these years, how often do you get to do something twice?" Dennis said.

"No matter what's going on out in the world there is hope," Linda said. "There is a lot of hope."

The Gearys told us the company that makes the microchip Astro has now wants to use him in one of its ads. The family has also received calls from the Oprah Winfrey Show about telling their story.

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