Taking a Stand: Weather sirens

If the nearest storm siren to your home sounded right now, would you know why it is going off?  The answer may depend on where you live!

Last Thursday, 14 News started a series called Severe Weather Thursday.  Brandon Bartlett reported that in Vanderburgh County, all sirens sound when the National Weather Service issues a severe thunderstorm warning or a tornado warning.  It's the same thing in Henderson.

But it's a much different story in Daviess County.  In Owensboro and the rest of the county, sirens don't sound unless there is a tornado warning.  In fact, the Kentucky county doesn't even sound all sirens at the warning, only the sections in the direct path of the tornado.

Daviess County says it's a policy that works.  There is less confusion and more awareness.

We agree with Daviess County.  When there are too many sirens, people start to ignore them and when that happens, lives are at stake.

Our stand:  make the sirens just for tornado warnings and eliminate the confusion.  When you hear the sirens, don't forget to head back inside and turn on your TV for more information.

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