Taking a Stand: DUI law changes needed

There is sobering news for all of us who'll be on the road New Year's Eve and New Year's morning.   According to Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD),  there are two million drivers who have at least three prior drunken driving convictions.  And, there are more than 400 thousand that have five or more.

This, after a horrific crash on Christmas night.  One young man was killed, four others injured. Since the accident, we've learned the name of the suspected drunk drive: Daniel Joe English, II.

And, we've also learned, that the Vanderburgh County Clerk's office admits to not completing the paperwork that would have permanently revoked his license.

Police say English had six prior DUI arrests.  He is now charged with five counts, including causing death while impaired.

The message is clear.  We need tougher laws to make sure habitual DUI offenders never threaten our families again.

And we agree with Lisa Seif with the Warrick County Drug Court that more emphasis needs to be placed on treating alcoholism.

It's a warning from those who work with repeat offenders:  those who are addicted will keep on drinking and driving, even if their licenses are revoked forever.

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