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Taking a Stand: The Big Switch

By Vice-President/General Manager Debbie Bush

At 6:30 on Wednesday night, television stations in 42 states did a test to see if you're ready for the Big Switch!

If you were watching 14 News and Wheel of Fortune, you may have seen this test.

If you have cable, that may have meant your cable system isn't taking our digital signal yet.  

They have a couple of months to make that happen.     

If you were watching on an old set with rabbit ears or an antenna and you our graphic instead of Pat Sajak, you aren't ready.  

To get ready, call 1-888-dtv-2009 to get converter box coupons.

You can get two $40 coupons per household for converter boxes.     

Once you get set up with your converter box, don't forget to program the channels through the converter box.  

You still may need an antenna if you are using a converter box.

We received several hundred calls from people who had questions about the Big Switch.  

Most were from people who don't have cable or satellite.    

We will have another soft turn off, one month away from the Big Switch, on January 17th.

That will be yet another chance to see if you are ready.      

If you'd like more information visit the Big Switch section on 14wfie.com.

To respond to this editorial, send an e-mail or call 812-253-0107. 

You can send a letter to me at: Debbie Bush, WFIE-TV, and P.O. Box 1414, Evansville, IN 47701.

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