Taking a Stand: Smoking Ordinance

In just about a month, on January 2nd, a smoking ban will go into effect in taverns, bars and restaurants in Vanderburgh County.

On that date, the exemptions in the 2006 ordinance end.

This is a great move and Vanderburgh County joins other cities, counties and states that have already banned smoking in public places.  It means patrons can avoid the hazards of second hand smoke.

But one County Commissioner, Troy Tornatta, has made it known he wants to amend the ordinance to continue to allow smoking in bars and restaurants in the county.

There is no way this will be officially discussed before January 2nd.  So, we urge the County Commission to not even to bring it up.

And, we would even suggest Evansville should amend its ordinance and join the County in its progressive stand. After all, some restaurants in the area have already banned smoking on their own.

This is a controversial subject and I'm sure there will be many of you who disagree with me.  I look forward to sharing some of your responses later this week

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