Mayor wants to get tough on neglected yards

Posted by Rachel Folz- email

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE)- The City of Evansville is looking at a tougher ordinance on neglected homes and yards.

City ordinances are already in place to try to force property owners to keep their homes and land in decent shape.

Some neighbors have grown increasingly frustrated over how long the current process takes to get blighted homes and yards cleaned up.

Mayor Weinzapfel is proposing that the whole process be sped up by only holding hearings if the homeowner who is being cited requests it.

This is something the city has been dealing with for a long time and Weinzapfel hopes to finally get it under control. "This is a battle that we've been waging since I came into office and of course this is a battle that precedes this administration, literally going back decades, as we try to encourage people, entice them, force them to maintain their properties in a way their neighbors want to see them kept up."

Under the mayor's plan fines would also be increased as a way to try and prevent violations from even beginning.