Ohio County bridge falls into Rough River

By Stuart Peck - bio | email
Posted by Rachel Folz- email

MAGAN, KY (WFIE)- An old iron bridge is now in the Rough River in Ohio County, Kentucky.

On Sunnydale Road near the town of Magan in Ohio County word travels fast.

Words are the only thing traveling across the Rough River after an iron bridge took the plunge late last week.

Piles of stone replaced the yellow caution tape where the road ends in devastation.

Neighbors say they're not surprised the old bridge is at the bottom of the river but they are relieved no one was on it at the time.

Neighbors tell 14 News that the bridge was built in 1905 and while it wasn't the most popular route from Hartford to Fordsville, it was the most direct.

Now they're going to have to find a new way around the Rough River.

Charles Boone used to travel the bridge.  He said many people depended on the fallen landmark, "A lot of people do depend on that road down there. There's a lot of houses down there."

Ohio County Judge Executive David Jones says the county will rebuild the bridge.

Jones says they plan to ask for emergency funds from the state transportation cabinet to help with the construction.

Sunnydale Road leading up to the bridge is a county road but Jones says the state is responsible for inspecting that bridge.