EPD get a break in burglary cases

By Gretchen Ross - bio | email
Posted by Rachel Folz- email

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE)- A quiet block on Keck Avenue has seen a recent flurry of criminal activity.

About 10 burglaries have taken place in the 1600 block of Keck on Thursday and Friday.

Over the past month, police say nearly 30 home burglaries have plagued Evansville's east side.

A tip to police Sunday put law enforcement on the right track to catching whoever is behind these crimes.

A neighbor thought two men were behaving suspiciously as they loaded electronic items into a duplex on Southeast Boulevard Sunday afternoon.

Once Evansville police were alerted, officers arrived to find several stolen items including a 42 inch Phillips flat screen television, a laptop and a portable DVD player.

Although no arrests have been made, police are investigating several leads and closely watching the men who had the electronics at the duplex.

Burglary victim Lee Anne Maxwell said that is not enough, "I would like to see them go jail and see them stopped. I want them to understand what a violation to a family to have their things taken."

Until those who are responsible are caught, police say to keep track of all your belongings by writing down the serial number of pricey electronics.

Police say to keep your doors locked and your eyes open.

If you have any information on any of the burglaries that happened over the past month contact the EPD at 812-435-6194.