Communications Q&A

Question: Any recommendation on brands of cable modems?

Answer from Insight Communications:  I personally really like the Motorola SB3100/4100 modems. Cable Modems that people generally praise about Toshiba PCX1100, PCX2000 Motorola SB4100

Question: What kind of bandwidth will I see with a cable modem?

Answer from Insight Communications:  Cable modems are restricted to 3000Kbs down/128Kbs Up.

Question: How does my provider activate my modem?

Answer from Insight Communications:   Usually, the cable modem technician arrives at your residence, he calls his dispatcher and tells him or her the HFC MAC address of your modem. If you look at your cable modem, you will see a string of numbers on it somewhere starting with 00-90, 00-20, 00-00, or something similar. (Those numbers vary with the manufacturer of the modem). Every cable modem manufactured has a unique MAC address (just like every network card or network device). This MAC address is bound to your account, and if your account is active, the cable modem is allowed to talk on the network. After your modem is provisioned or activated, you then hook it up to your cable and plug it in.

Question: I'm having problems playing games since I got my Cable Modem.

Answer from Insight Communications:  If your computer is locking up or rebooting (restarting) when you try to load a game, it is probably due to the networking card in your computer. Linksys, NetGear and some SMC brand Networking cards have compatibility is sue s with many of pogo's games. All three brands are very common. Our suggestion is to try downloading and installing the Java Virtual Machine from Sun Microsystems (this is different from the one from Microsoft). This has fixed the problem for many of our users who had this problem, and it may work for you. Here's how to get Sun's Java VM: - Go to - Follow the directions listed on that page for installation - Restart your computer before trying to play again Unfortunately, if this doesn't work for you, the only resolution we have left to offer is for you to replace the Linksys or NetGear Networking card with one from another brand like 3Com or D-Link.