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Owensboro riverfront project begun

By Stuart Peck - bio | email
Posted by Melissa Greathouse - email

OWENSBORO, KY (WFIE) - After receiving a long awaited permit from the Army Corp of Engineers work has now started on the Riverfront Development Project in Owensboro.

This week city workers moved play ground equipment and flag poles in preparation for work to begin. Crews will also take down the large trees along the riverfront.

That has upset some people who say the tress should be transplanted.

City Operations Manager Tony Cecil says the city looked into moving the trees to a new location but decided it would be too costly considering the trees are nearing their life expectancy.

Some underground utilities will be moved and a fence will be put up around the construction site. However Cecil says Veterans Memorial Boulevard will remain open.

"Obviously there will be times when some of the storm water lines will be upgraded, that the street will be temporarily closed," Cecil said. "There will be a reduction in the driving width for some period of time that will eliminate parking on one side. We'll still maintain traffic flow on Veterans."

Construction is set to start January 5th, just after Winter Wonderland closes.

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