Pediatric Dentistry: First Visit

Dentist and patient, and all aspects of oral health care should be estabilished by age 1 or six months after the appearance of the first tooth according to the AAP, ADA, AAPD.
First dental visits for the children includes:

1. Establish relationship with the family
2. Oral hygiene and education
3. Periodontal assessment
4. Orthodotic assessment
5. Habit advice for pacifiers or digits

Eruption concerns:
New teeth sometimes have an unusual pattern, while other times they may be too late or too early. Your dentist will also monitor the permenant teeth, checking for impactions etc.

Habit Management:
Some evidence states that pacifier use in the first six months may help prevent SIDS. Pacifier use should end by age 1.

Sucking habits should be given up by the age of 6. Inadequate lip seal, openbite, or chapping of the lips can be the result as well as incisor movement.

Orthodontic Concerns:
Treatment early can help to avoid enamel loss and occlusions. Appliances for overbite, crossbite may be used after age 6.

Signs of GERD:(Gasteroesophageal reflux)
When stomach acid arises into the mouth, the teeth can be affected. This can errode teeth enamel  making them sensitive and accessible to cavity formation.

Some symptoms of GERD include burning or acid taste, hot burps, burning in the stomach  or heart area, hoarseness, painful swallowing. Dietary changes may be suggested, as well as medications.