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McLean Co. animal shelter burns down

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McLEAN CO., KY (WFIE) - More than a dozen animals died in a fire at a Western Kentucky animal shelter.

Emergency crews were called to the scene in McLean County around 5:30 Tuesday morning, and managed to save 16 dogs and two cats. Because of the intense fire volunteers were not able to rescue all of the animals.

The McLean County Judge Executive says the shelter will be rebuilt.

Investigators were on the scene of Tuesday morning's deadly fire this afternoon.

On Tuesday, 14 News caught up with the President of the McLean County Animal Shelter.

She still can't believe her shelter is a complete loss. Now Robin Long is trying to find good homes for the dogs that did survive.

The sound of barking dogs was replaced the sound of rain hitting the debris, all that's left of McLean County's Animal Humane Society.

Long says, "Right now we just need to find homes for those dogs and start the process of eventually rebuilding and taking care of the animals in McLean County."

She received a phone call just before six Tuesday morning about the fire.

"I thought, ok I'll load up my car and come out and help rescue the animals and then I got the call just as I left that there were no animals inside that I could help rescue, so it was a tough morning, tough morning," says Long

A tough morning and one full of work as inspectors determined the cause of the fire.

Fire investigators did determine the fire was electrical, and now the process begins of rebuilding and finding new homes for all of these animals.

Jimmy Vancleve with the McLean County Central Fire Rescue says by the time the call came in about the fire, it was too late to save the animals inside.

"There wasn't anybody around to call it in so, when we did get the call the building was pretty much through burning.  There was a few smoldering spots around where insulation was still smoldering you know, we didn't, it didn't require much water to put it out," says Vancleve

While over a dozen animals were killed in the fire, 16 dogs and two cats managed to escape the blaze. 

Including three taken to the Daviess County Animal Shelter.

"I think the rain kind of sheds our tears, but after rain comes a rainbow and we're going to make good come out of this," Long says

If you're interested in adopting any of the animals rescued from Tuesday's fire you can call Robin Long, the humane society's president at 270-993-9734.

You can also call the McLean County Judge's office at 270-273-3123.

Long says the humane society is also in need of dog food and eventually will need donations to help rebuild.

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CALHOUN, KY (WFIE) - Update: Kentucky State Police say the fire was caused by an electrical malfunction.

They say 16 dogs and two cats were rescued. 

Anyone interested in adopting one of the pets of making a donation can contact the McLean County Judge's office at 270-273-3123.

CALHOUN, KY (WFIE) - Previously: The president of the McLean County Humane Society tells 14 News that the McLean County animal shelter has burned to the ground.

The shelter is 2 and a half years old an is on Highway 136 E. in Calhoun. The fire started early Tuesday morning.

All the animals inside the shelter were lost. Crews are working to move surviving animals that were outside to the Daviess County animal shelter and to volunteer homes.

Western Kentucky reporter Stuart Peck will have a full report on 14 News at 5.

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