Taking a Stand: The Election is Over!

The Election is over!  And, even if your candidate didn't win, we have something to celebrate. And, that is, people seemed interested in the process, and they voted!

In Vanderburgh County, more than 25 thousand people voted early.  People actually stood in line to vote early!

We don't yet have the final election turnout numbers for the tri-state.   But, it is estimated Illinois may have had up to 80 percent turnout of registered voters.  In Kentucky, it is estimated at 65%. Indiana hasn't released a preliminary number yet, but the Secretary of State was estimating a 65% turnout before Tuesday.

For months, the Election and issues have been top of mind.  They've been discussed in schools, places of worship, workplaces and at the dinner table.  For once, we aren't talking about how we voted on a reality show, but how we voted in real life.

And even though the Election is over, our hope is that this interest will continue, people will stay engaged and maybe, even, get involved in the process.

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