Taking a Stand: Township Assessors

After Indiana restructured its property tax, township assessing duties were consolidated to the county.  That is, except for some of the largest townships.

In this election, voters in Pigeon, Knight and Center townships in Vanderburgh County and Ohio townships in Warrick County will decide if their township assessors, employees and budgets should be moved to the county.

Our stand is that answer should be "Yes."

We believe the referendum would bring consistency in the property assessments and eliminate multiple layers of government.

Take a look at Kentucky.  The Commonwealth has one Property Valuation Administrator (PVA) in each county.  And, the system works.

And, there could be savings, without the duplication of offices and supplies.  But this isn't about money.  This is about communication and accountability.  Right now, the township assessors and the county assessor don't talk to each other!

Our stand is this referendum will make the process easier since there will be one office in each county.  And, we also believe it will ensure consistency in assessments.

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