Isiah Thomas taken to hospital after sleeping pill OD

At least one media outlet in New York is reporting that former New York Knicks coach and general manager Isiah Thomas was taken to a hospita just after midnight Friday after taking an overdose of sleeping pills.

Authorities say an ambulance was called to the suburban New York home of the former IU guard.  Harrison Police Department Officer Vincent Lanzillotti says an ambulance responded to the 911 call early Friday. He declined to give any details, except to say a person was taken to White Plains Hospital. The call involved "an issue with sleeping pills" and  WCBS radio later reported that Thomas was the person being treated.

"We're classifying it as an accidental overdose of prescription sleeping pills," Harrison Police Chief David Hall said. "I'm not going to confirm or deny that it was Isiah Thomas."

Barry Watkins, vice president of communications for Madison Square Garden, told The Journal News newspaper, "Isiah is fine."

Thomas coached the Indiana Pacers from 2000-2003 and the club made the playoffs three straight years, but his tenure as coach and later, president of the Knicks wasn't as successful.  He was fired from his front office position in April.