O'boro looks for bids on Riverfront project

By Ben Garbarek- bio | email
Posted by Mike Mardis - email

OWENSBORO, KY (WFIE) - The City of Owensboro is in a numbers game trying to work out the pricing for its Riverfront project.

"We're somewhat encouraged that we're going to get this down to be manageable and still keep the original intent of the project the public wanted but we won't know for certain until October 22," Tony Cecil, Operations Manager, said.

October 22 is the new deadline to submit a bid for the construction. After that deadline passes this month, it could be up to six months before the project is underway.

"Potentially, it could go out 180 days. We don't think so," Cecil said. "I really think in 30 days we're going to know exactly our direction."

With the value of the dollar weakening, Owensboro has faced higher foreign steel prices. The city hopes, with the completion of the Beijing Olympics, that might bring steel prices down in Owensboro.

"We've heard some people talk about now that Beijing and the Olympics are over and they were going, like, crazy doing so much building to get it done that the demand for steel has dropped a little bit there," Cecil said.

Regardless of the price, the city wants to get going with their plans.

"We need this to go as soon as possible," Cecil said. "I think the public has counted on it. The rest of our plans for the riverfront depend on it."

The river wall will run from the River Park Center to the Executive Inn property. The new Riverfront Park will include a fountain, playground and veterans memorial.