Taking a Stand: Fall Festival

It's that time again.  Brain sandwiches, homemade fudge and pies and this year, burritos with kangaroo!  It's the 87th annual Fall Festival!  Yes, it is great food...and a great time!  You'll find almost anything you want to eat.  The Festival runs through Saturday.

But, it's important we remember that this festival is the major fundraiser for more than one hundred-twenty five organizations.  Most are non-profit groups.  With the uncertain economy, this event will bring much needed funds to those who really need it.

Some booths will bring in a couple thousand dollars...others between fifteen and thirty thousand dollars!  And, the organizer, the West Side Nut Club, will hand out hundreds of thousands of dollars to needy clubs, schools, charities and organizations.

Yes, there is a possibility we will put on a pound or two when we visit the Fall Festival in West Evansville.  But, your dollars are going to a great cause...to keep Evansville and the Tri-State a great place to live!

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