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Babies "R" Us
Clothing & Layette-Babies have never looked so good! Fashion has finally come into the nursery closet, and pink and blue are not the only colors for infants anymore. Check out some of the shapes and patterns that make up today's layette.

Just For Mom-Being a mom is hard work. having the right accessories can make your job a lot easier. From pregnancy to infancy, we've got you covered.

Gear-What a terrific way to travel, if you're a baby that is. To be strolled around town with a bunch of your favorite toys, plenty of food, a cushiony reclining seat, a canopy if it is too wet or chilly, and just about anything else you might need when you are away from home.

Babies "R" Us

Tracey Lauderdale has 20 years of retail experience.  She has been the store manager of the Evansville Babies R Us for the past 5 years. If you have a question for Tracy email her.

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