A lesson on caulking, weather stripping

By David James - bio | email
Posted by Melissa Greathouse - email

While the weather is still nice, it's a good time to install new caulking around doors and windows.

Wear safety glasses when you're scraping out the old caulk. And if you're a little rusty on your technique, Vectren is putting a list of handyman tips on its website.

Chase Kelley of Vectren said that the website will also have how-to videos on the website. "We will put on a step-by-step process where you can go and click and watch videos and get the elements you need to do it yourself," she said.

And with the caulking done it's time to check the weather stripping. Look for any tears and if the barrier is brittle it's time to replace it.

"If the weather stripping does not fit the door securely and tightly there can be an air leak thru that area and some of that valuable heated air you have inside can escape to the outside," said Mike Emge of Vectren.

We can't control rising heating costs, but we can soften the blow.

"It's important to remember people need to take their energy use into their own hands," said Kelley. "Vectren can't control your energy bill, the customer can, and whether it's dialing down, upgrading to higher efficiency appliances, wash your clothes in cold water - there are a number of ways to cut energy use."