Vectren: Insulation saves 30 percent on heat

By David James - bio | email
Posted by Mike Mardis - email

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - Vectren says natural gas costs are going up and that means heating bills will be higher this winter by about $30 a month.

One way to soften the blow is to check the attic for the proper amount of insulation.

Insulation 101: These are the big three products.

  • Fiberglass that's blown in.
  • Cellulose which is a shredder paper product
  • Fiberglass bats or rolls.

All of them are equally effective and big money savers.

"Only about 20 percent of homes built before 1980 are considered well-insulated," Chase Kelley, Vectren Spokesperson, said. "Insulation is the number one area where you can save the most. It can cut heating and cooling costs by 30 percent."

Put on some protective eyewear and a mask and check out your attic. Poke around with a ruler and see if you have the proper amount of insulation.

"We need 15 inches of one of these products in the attic," Mike Emge, Vectren, said.

Insulation settles over time and has to be replaced. A new blanket of insulation is an investment worth your time and money.

"There are all kinds of places around the home that have insulation," Emge said. "The attic is where we really want to concentrate. In the walls, hard-to-get-to crawl space, hard to work on. Most of heat loss is in the attic and these are the products we want to use."