Tree crews work overtime to clear debris

By Ben Garbarek - email

While many businesses waited for power to be restored to get back to work, others in the Tri-State area are just trying to keep up.

"We're just swamped," said Gary Pruden of Pruden Tree Service. "Probably 600 different calls. In other words, there's no let-up. We could work four hours a day and stay busy."

While the storm may have brought an influx of business, Pruden said that may not be such a good thing. "We work five to six days a week anyway so we hate it because it just messes everything up," Pruden said. "Jobs we had to do now we can't do because of this."

While it may be business as usual for Pruden, this time around was different. "It's really the same thing, only a hundred times more because it's all over the whole county," he said.

Pruden has cleared a lot of trees in his day but says this is an even bigger mess than the tornado that hit Owensboro nearly a decade ago. "I've been doing this for 23 years and this is definitely the most widespread," said Pruden. "The tornado in 2000 was worse damage in a strip but this is way more because it covers everything."

The tree crew has been working overtime all week and the boss says there no end in sight.