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Taking a Stand: Response to school board issue

By Vice-President/General Manager Debbie Bush

The following is a response to an editorial that I did earlier this week.  (Click here to see the earlier editorial.)

Hello, I'm Frankie Niedhammer of the Vanderburgh County Taxpayers Association.   We have observed and discussed the potential for the current downturn in the national and local economies for 5 years, while our local leaders have blindly continued to increase our tax debt load.

There are a many reasons why we must vote "NO" to the EVSC Construction "Plan."

* New buildings and technology are not magic pills.

* No Feasibility Study was done to prove a need for this "Plan."    

* Enrollment will continue shrinking by 100 pupils per year.

* There is more than enough room for our students in existing schools.

* Teacher pay and cost per child are slightly above state average, but ISTEP scores are far below average.

* The "Plan" will reduce the city population and economic base, causing a social divide in the county.

* The School Board must do the difficult thing and order a REAL redistricting plan.

YOUR "NO" votes will provide the time needed.  If YOU do not say "NO" now, there will be no second chance.  We DO have better alternatives.

Please consider these facts and vote "NO" on November 4th.  Thank you. 

To respond to this editorial, send an e-mail or call 812-253-0107.  You can send a letter to me at: Debbie Bush, WFIE-TV, and P.O. Box 1414, Evansville, IN 47701.

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