About The ProDisc

The Treatment

The ProDisc-L total disc replacement has been determined to be safe and effective in the treatment of degenerative disc disease (DDD) at one level from L3-S1.  During the total disc replacement procedure, the diseased intervertebral disc is removed and replaced with a motion preserving ProDisc-L implant.  The ProDisc-L total disc replacement surgery is intended to:

  • Remove the diseased disc
  • Restore disc normal height
  • Reduce discogenic pain
  • Provide the potential to preserve motion in the affected vertebral segment

The Design

The ProDisc-L implant design is based on a ball and socket principle.  The ProDisc-L implant is composed of three implant components - two metal endplates and a plastic inlay, as illustrated below:


The endplates have a patented central keel and small spikes for initial fixation to the vertebrae, and a plasma sprayed titanium coating on all bone contacting surfaces to promote bony integration. The ProDisc-L implant materials have historically been used in hip and knee replacements and have been used in spinal arthroplasty procedures for two decades.

The ProDisc-L implant is available in a variety of sizes to allow surgeons to accurately match the patient's anatomy.