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Serving the tri-state area since 1982, LifeFlight can be activated by physicians, nurses, emergency medical technicians, dispatchers, paramedics, law enforcement and fire officials, industrial safety representatives, conservation officers and park personnel, farmers, ski patrol, and life guards by calling: 1-800-426-0911

Air transport should be considered when emergency care personnel have evaluated the patient's circumstances.

When To Call:

  • MVCs with passenger space invaded by one foot or more or prolonged extrication
  • MVCs with death of other occupant (s) or with occupant thrown from vehicle
  • MVCs involving a rollover, ejection of the patient, deformity of a contact point (steering wheel, dashboard, windshield), occurring at 20 mph or more in the absence of restraining devices 
  • Pedestrian or cyclist hit by a motor vehicle
  • Any amputation, crushing injury or penetration to chest, abdomen, head, neck or groin
  • Chest injuries with multiple rib fractures, flail segment, or sucking wound
  • Spinal column/cord injury with potential for paralysis/neurological deficit and neurogenic shock
  • Major chemical, thermal or electrical burns with or without trauma
  • Injuries involving two or more body systems or fractures of two or more long bones
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