Weight Loss Surgery

You've tried weight loss programs. You've struggled with one fad diet after another. You may have even swallowed pills to control your appetite or increase your metabolism. Despite everything you've tried, you still find excess weight draining you of energy, hurting your social life and negatively affecting your health and well-being.

It may be worse than you realize. If you are 100 pounds or more overweight, you are putting your life at risk. Studies show that extreme obesity can lead to hypertension, diabetes, degenerative arthritis, back pain, sleep apnea and heart failure. According to the American College of Surgeons, "Diseases associated with morbid obesity markedly reduce the odds of attaining an average life span and raise annual mortality tenfold or more."

St. Mary's Weight Management Center, located at 950 S. Kenmore Dr., offers specialized gastric bypass surgery for qualified individuals. This proven medical procedure involves surgically reducing the size of the stomach to restrict food intake. Those who have undergone the procedure display an exceptionally high success rate for losing weight and keeping it off.

Other benefits include:

  • Excess weight loss of 50 percent or more
  • Improved cholesterol levels
  • Noticeable reduction of chronic pain
  • A 66 percent reduction of hypertension
  • A 95 percent reduction of diabetes risks or symptoms
  • A 90 percent improvement in heart function
  • Marked improvement in mood and self esteem
  • Enhanced social and personal relationships