Taking a Stand: County Commission Feedback

Last week, we took a stand about the Vanderburgh County Commission passing a controversial ordinance without public input.  (Click here to read last week's editorial.) We said the Commissioners ignored the process.  And, we've received plenty of feedback.

Commissioner Troy Tornatta e-mailed a statement to 14 News on Friday.  He said, "While I believe the ordinance, as passed, represents good public policy, I agree with the criticism that there should have been more opportunity for public comment invited by the commission."  (Click here to read the entire statement.)

One caller told me, "People in charge need to be responsible for their actions.  People need to stand up to them.  It is our responsibility too.  We're citizens...and they work for us."

Another caller said, "I was shocked and then very mad.  They cannot do that.  If they do it once, they'll do it again..."

And Dee e-mailed:  "It makes me wonder if this was discussed by the commission members among themselves prior to the meeting which violates the law that requires conducting government business in open meetings."

There were people who didn't agree with me, including Barb and Sam.  They write, "We were extremely disappointed by the vindictive, biased comments made on the "taking a stand" section of the news today.  No matter what side you are on regarding the issue, the station manager's comments were inappropriate for a news station."

Jeff says, "These men were elected by the citizens to do exactly what they are doing. Criticize by voting, not using your "personal" advantage of public air time.  They were elected..... You were not..."

We want these editorials to be interactive, and I appreciate all of your comments!  (If you'd like to read more of the e-mails we've received, click here.)

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