Taking a Stand: Vanderburgh County Commission

I believe in local government.  And, I also believe most of the time...it works!

But the recent case of the Vanderburgh County Commission passing a controversial ordinance...without public input...STUNS me.

You may have heard about it.  The Commission passed an abortion-related ordinance on August 5 in 45 seconds...without public input.  The word "abortion" was on the agenda.  But it wasn't mentioned when the issue came up for a vote. (Click here for the news story and a copy of the ordinance.)

Before you get upset with me, this editorial isn't about abortion.

I have a problem about how the Commissioners ignored the process, forgot that they represent us...and didn't give residents a voice in the process.

Commission President Jeff Korb said afterwards that "It wasn't an anti-abortion issue for them.  He said it was a health issue in our community..."

And then, Korb said:  "I guess, maybe, we're guys...and we didn't think it was that big of a deal."

If it wasn't that big of a deal, why didn't you allow public input?  And do you think only women care about abortion?

Commissioner Korb also hinted that the media could have alerted the public about the upcoming ordinance if they had come to the office to look through agenda papers.

Commissioner Korb:  I think you'll get your wish.  I think there will now be much more attention on you and our County Commissioners.    I think all of us would really like to know if there are any other issues that you think aren't really a "big deal."

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