Taking a Stand: Best City!

We know how good we have it.  After all, we live in the Tri-State.  Now, a major magazine has also taken notice!

Evansville is now rated number one in the reader's choice poll in Kiplinger.com.  Readers rated it best for the favorite place to live, work and play!

Now, we should mention the magazine chose Houston as its best city.  Readers chose Evansville.  That means our neighbors took the time to brag and vote for the hometown.  The magazine mentions our low crime rate, affordable homes, good schools, low traffic problems and plenty to do!

Evansville's cost of living is below the national average and the median home price is about one half of what it is for the national median price for metro areas.

We're all feeling the pinch of the economy.  But this article just proves what we already know.  This is a good place to live.  We're better off than many other parts of the country and we want others to know about it!

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