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Taking a Stand: Stop for a School Bus

By Vice-President/General Manager Debbie Bush

Even though it seems way too early, most Tri-State students are back in school.  And that's a reminder that the law says you MUST stop for a school bus!

Last week, the WFIE-TV News Department did a story about Kacey Groves.  She was almost killed last November when a car blew by a bus with the stop arm out.  The car slammed into the then 8-year-old.

Today, Kacey is doing much better.  But her mother doesn't want this to happen to anyone else.  She is pushing for a new law in Indiana.

The new law, if enacted, would seriously punish drivers who injure a child by not stopping for a school bus.  The driver would be charged with a felony, instead of a misdemeanor and face up to three years in prison.

Representative Suzanne Crouch introduced the bill during the short session, but it didn't go anywhere.  She is considering reintroducing the bill in the long session.

Our stand is that we support this bill.  We urge Representative Crouch to follow through.  It is a serious reminder that we need to protect our kids.  And if drivers don't respect the law, they should face tough consequences.      

To respond to this editorial, send an e-mail or call 812-253-0107.  You can send a letter to me at: Debbie Bush, WFIE-TV, and P.O. Box 1414, Evansville, IN 47701.

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