Taking a Stand: Olympics

If you haven't heard, the Olympics are finally here!  They start Friday and continue for two weeks!  There is so much to watch for...so much drama!

For instance, what will happen to our men's gymnastics team now the Hamm twins-Morgan and Paul are both out?

And what about swimming?  In the men's competition, Michael Phelps could win eight medals!

And two of my favorite stories:  Dora Torres is set to compete in her fifth Olympic games at the age of 41!   And who could forget new American Lopez Lomong...one of the Lost Boys of Sudan...carrying the American flag in the opening ceremony!

But these games aren't about just sports.  It is about politics, geography, culture, human rights and even air quality.  It's a chance for Americans and the World to learn more about China.

The security is amazing.  One hundred thousand security forces and even talk about surface to air missiles to protect from enemy attack.

These Olympic Games are also about American pride.  And taking a bit of time to feel good about what is right in our Country.  And, celebrating the young men and women representing us!

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