Taking a Stand: Amazonia

We have something to be really proud of today!  If you haven't heard, the new Amazonia exhibit is open at the zoo!  And, it is another world-class reason to visit our area!

The exhibit is spectacular!  It is just like the rain forest.  There is a waterfall, plants and vegetation and trees!  And, don't forget more than 150 animals...including a jaguar!

The project cost about 15 million dollars, 13 million alone for the Amazonia.  But, boy was it worth it!  Those of you who have lived here longer than me, remember how the Zoo hit bottom when it lost its accreditation in 1998.  But a lot of really smart people, led by former Zoo Director Dan McGinn, thought of the rain forest idea.  And, now, the Zoo is back!

We hope you will support the Zoo.  It is now another reason NOT to go to Indianapolis or St. Louis or Louisville!

And, if you're looking for another way to support the Zoo, visit the Zoo Designer house.  All funds go to the Nocturnal Exhibit at the Zoo.  See the ad below for more information about the Designer Showhouse.  Click here for information for Amazonia.

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