Taking a Stand: E-mails on Savage

Here are some e-mails sent to me in response to last week's editorial.  I deleted e-mail addresses and last names and any profanities:


I thank you for adding links to the article on the web site.

http://www.14wfie.com/Global/story.asp?s=8748337  in the comment update at the bottom.

Also you included the www.MensNewsDaily.com article Thanks I did not see that one.

Maybe you could do an article about bias non-profit websites that are politically motivated.

Non-profits are supposed to be balanced also.


| My comment to WGBF



| Thanks for not broadcasting sports over the Savage Nation program. That I have noticed.


| This comment has been sent to John Story, Vice-President/General Manager Debbie Bush dbush@14wfie.com, and takingastand@14wfie.com

|  Tom

| John Story's Response, (to my email copy to John)

| Tom:  Never fear, "Savage" stays on WGBF. Thanks for your interest!


| John Story, PD

| Newstalk 1280 WGBF

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From: "Bush, Debbie"

Sent: Monday, July 28, 2008 7:45:58 PM

Subject: Re: Autism and Savage.

I'll add your links tomorrow. You'll notice I also linked savages website...

I'll also be using quite a few of the emails I've received on thurs/fri editorial.



From: Tom

Sent: Mon Jul 28 19:36:56 2008

Subject: Autism and Savage.


It is nice that you cited your comments by linking the local radio station and non-savage websites for listeners of your program.

The website links provided on your website http://www.wfie.com/Global/story.asp?s=8748337 do not promote balanced thinking of your listeners.  Let's see....... link to the local radio (for complaining) and a politically motivated website not have the full story for accurate reporting.  Here is the link that should have been included on your website,  www.savageonautism.com .   I will give you credit for giving 14wfie's viewers the response 14wfie's response website.

The short 30 second opinion shown on the news tonight (7/28/08)

Where is the other side of the story?   News programs are supposed to show both sides of the story and let the listener decide for themselves.

After going to the savage website http://michaelsavage.wnd.com/?pageId=1156 and listening to the www.savageonautism.com audio segments I have decide that on this particular story, the (Your) one sided opinion is just an attack from the VP chair that does not have a balanced report in my eyes.

Normally I have taken for granted the story's seen and heard on Channel 14 and http://www.14wfie.com have been balanced.  Thank you Deb for showing that I need to think for myself and not just take for granted what NBC affiliates report says I should do, call in and complain to other broadcast networks about their content.  Links to websites provided for better reporting than the local network

If you would have read between the lines Michael Savage points at Parents and mostly Quack Doctors.  Kids are just kids they have not been taught enough yet.  Michael doesn't say all autism is a quack just the 58% that studies have shown nor that all Dr's are Quacks, just a portion of them.  If someone is a reporter does it mean that all reports are bias, No.   This proves that 30seconds to 84 seconds may not be enough time for non-bias reporting.

Hitting the radio station over the programming is would be like me having a massive campaign about infomercials and there affect on the society.  Companies buying time to advertise their product and the network having a 10 second disclaimer of non-responsibility for the content of a program.

At least Michael Savage stands behind all the content he talks about on his program.



Your editorial depicting Michael Savage as a person belittling autistic children was typical media response to an individual who expressed an educated observation on a subject that is open to debate.  Obviously you have not listen to his program or you would never make the comments you did.  I have been a viewer of your station for the majority of my life.

However, due to your biased comments concerning Dr. Savage, I will exercise my freedom of choice and will never tune in to your station again.  Shame on you for not doing your homework on this matter before you attacked an honorable individual who simply made an observation on a subject that is based on subjective observation, rather that verifiable medical data.

Yours in the First Amendment,



Ms. Debbie Bush;

Last night I caught the last part of your editorial regarding Michael Savage comments on autism.

I could not believe what you were saying as I actually heard the Michael Savage show. He did not say what you stated in your editorial.

This morning I went to your web site and located your editorial. Your source was apparently the media matters website. This website has a long history of distorting and taking out of context stories.

You should have actually heard the show or read a full transcript (and heard the sound bites) of the show. Check <http://www.savageonautism.com/>. As a minor note, Mr. Savage's brother is truly autistic which gives him more credibility. There is much, much more to Mr. Savage's comments than quoted in media matters. I am not even certain that some of the quotes came from that discussion.

What Michael Savage was saying was that there is a sizable number of the 1 out of 150 children who are autistic. There are some who have various and vague behaviors that the "expert" categorize as autistic. It is simply not right that these people be given the autistic tag just because some expert thinks so. I recall he said that parents are encouraged to accept the autistic label so they can get assistance with the child.

I heard the interview with Wendy Fournier, President of the National Autism Association (I actually heard it live and it is item 5 on the above URL). Her reaction to Mr. Savage's viewpoint was close. Please listen to it. I read the media matters web page and this interview was not mentioned (and several other points that that were not mentioned.

In all, the discussion was very, very intelligent and thought provoking - not in any fashion as portrayed by media matters.

More importantly, I am very disappointed with your comment "I'd like to talk to you about freedom of speech, the responsibility of the media and what you the consumer can do about it.  It is clear to me that you are the one that is not being responsible. In the future, you must do your research before you go off with the incomplete (at best) information. You were being lazy.  I hope you learned your lesson.



After watching your poor commentary it's obvious you can't sort good from bad or **** from apple pie.this issue was taking out of context,I heard Dr. Savage's show on this subject.I totally disagree with your commentary.so I will take your advice and turn your station OFF,and also will be contacting your advertiser to let them know our families will no longer patronize them.



I understand most logical people find Mr. Savage coarse, biting and mean in comments he has made and will continue to make. The problem with America in general is the want to pick and choose portions of a "whole" story to benefit an "Agenda" , be it "Liberal" or, just to drive a dislike or "Hatred" as you will, of an individual who may speak his/her mind weather you or anyone else agree. I would like to remind you that freedom of speech is what has given you the same right to speak on air as Mr. Savage. However, Mr Savage has been made to defend what he "Actually" said, not what has been hand picked by individuals that would rather gag and bind Mr. Savage.

When I learned of the statements I for one was appalled, until however I searched out the actual string of statements which I have provided in the above paste , and a link to 20 audio clips.

What I got from Mr. Savage's statements is this. Don't jump to such a dire conclusion when dealing with children who "act out" , seem "different", or are over energetic. This all happens to be part of maturing or " growing up" as my son puts it. Most of these kids only need some structure, guidance, and an outlet for the energy that children have. Don't drug the kids into conforming, guide them teach them , mold them into adults as our parents and parents before them have done.

Please, don't misunderstand me, some children are afflicted with extreme cases that do require medication but, good parenting can be better than any chemical therapy .

Yep offensive as it may be.Good Parenting should be the first form of therapy for our children




I do not agree with what Michael Savage said about autism, and I think he should apologize immediately.

However, I agree with about 90% of what Savage has to say, and I love his outspoken delivery on his radio show.  I would be very disappointed if the local (1280) cancelled him.  I'm curious what others have had to say about this, & kind of wondering if I'm his only local remaining fan.





Dear Debbie Bush,

Hi my name is Joshua of Madisonville KY.  I for one do not believe in censorship.  If you or your child does not want to hear or see something then do not turn that station on.  I got a 15 month old and i plan on raising him with out blaming somebody else and talking to him about what he has seen or heard. It seems to me parents are blaming everybody but themselves these days.  It makes me angry to see people call the FCC on somebody or out picketing just because something is said that somebody doesn't like.  ITS NOT THE GOVERNMENTS JOB TO DESIDE THAT FOR US, its our responsibility.  HBO, wgbf, and other questionable stations should not be heard or seen by children and if so don't be afraid to talk to your kids and just decide to call the FCC, it punishes the adults that try to have good programing.  By the way when is Michael Savage on gbf? I'm a regular listener, and I hear bob and tom in the morning on there not Micheal Savage. I just wish people would grow up and quit getting upset over nothing we all have freedom of speech in this country if you don't like whats being said get over it. Its that's persons opinion.  Since the school shootings it has seem to have gotten worse.


As most liberal "journalists", you use the banner of free speech to try and deprive free speech to the people with the audacity to disagree with you.  You also use the disinformation provided to you from Media Matters, an ultra radical, left wing group funded by George Soros.  The same group, who by the way, has been trying to have Michael Savage removed from the air and buried because of his anti Iran and anti Mahmoud Ahmadinejad statements, through C.A.I.R., a radical Islamic protectionist group.  Is Media Matters paying your paycheck by chance?  You even use their misquotes directly in your own link to quote Mr. Savage.

Now for some facts.  Mr. Savage has several degrees including a doctorate in Botany.  He spent many years studying and collecting plants.  He has written books on the misdiagnosis and over drugging of American children and the elderly.  The point he was raising about autism is the fact that doctors and treatment centers are misdiagnosing children as autistic for their own financial gain.  He has had guests on his program who treat "autistic" children, who testify that the treatment facilities get more funding for autism treatment than other afflictions.  Therefore, there are many many children being called autistic when they are really suffering from retardation, brain damage, and other mental disorders which are going untreated when they are identified as autistic.  In pointing this out, he is standing up for the misdiagnosed.  True Dr. Savage has a harsh way of spreading his messages, but if he didn't, no one would know who he is.  At least he has the courage to expose farces such as this.  That is, in reality, your job, for you are a journalist and he is only a commentator giving opinions.  I believe the statement that journalism is dead in 2008 is 100% true.  There are no true journalists in America anymore.  You all try to brainwash the weak and misinformed, and spew your opinions as if they were facts when they are not.  You and yours should be ashamed.  I guess you will get the last laugh, however, when you push Obama into the white house and the fairness doctrine is passed and everyone who disagrees with you are flushed away.  Viva La Free Speech???



Although some of your editorials are somewhat interesting, your attack on Michael Savage is not a good one. I believe that because he is a conservative talk show host his views are too much for some liberal stations such as yours to grasp. In the 60's and early 70's before liberals took away are rights to correct or scold our children you never heard of such critism and children were more behaved. This without the use of trying to drug our children into the Outer Limits of Doom. FOX NEWS FOR TRUTH!!



I enjoy your editorials, but was disgusted after hearing the one about Michael Savage. You only shared a small bit of the quote, which was just enough to paint Savage has a mean and vile person.  Those who have read the entire quote, listend to his radio show and understand his position know that this is and was a misrepresentation of Michael Savage.  I could keep writing and defend the man, as he is not just your average radio host, but passionate...a celebrated author, not to mention highly educated.  By using a small part of the quote, you take the point out of context, thus creating something that never was intended.  Poor journalism.  I realize this was for an editorial, but please have the facts straight and understand the situation before making a comment.

I urge you. See the links below and don't take things at face value, nor don't sum up a discussion with one line. And please...Media Matters? I am so sick of watching the news and hearing media bias.




I understand that Savage sounds like a crude, upset individual.  More people should take a stand and display such passion!  Or, like you said...turn it off.  Hopefully, those who saw your editorial will now tune in so they can fully understand the dicussion at hand.  Next time, do the research and let people make up their own minds.  You just stated a small portion of the quote, then urged the viewers to protest WGBF.  That is your right, given this is an editorial.  But it is not correct to steer the viewers in a false direction.


Evansville, IN


I listened to Michael Savage for the whole program when he talked about Autism.   He did not say ALL Autistic children were brats.  This kind of 2 second reporting (make a quick statement to get people upset) is dangerous and is a detriment to our Country.  Report the whole facts and leave your opinions out of it.  People listen to Savage for his opinion and tune in to channel 14 for the news.  Savage said that most Autistic children are miss diagnosed and as a result medicated unnecessarily.  He said a lot of it is bad behavior.  He did not say that ALL Autism was unfounded.

If you or any of your viewers don't like what he says then don't listen to him but you have no right to use your power with TV to influence people with haphazard information to rally against someone.  You did not give the viewers enough of the Savage segment to make an informed decision.  You just pick a subject that you think people will get riled up about and milk it not using the whole story!  You are strictly on a witch hunt.  I now will rethink getting my news from WFIE.



Dear Ms. Bush,

I just watched you on the news and heard your comments about what Michael Savage said regarding children with autism.

I wanted to say "Thank You".

Our son is 8 and is effected by autism.  I appreciate your remarks and willingness to stand up for our children.  I hope that many people heard what you had to say and will take a stand on this very important matter.

Thanks again,

Greg & Lori