Taking a Stand: I-69

Last week, I attended the groundbreaking of I-69.  After decades of discussing the highway, it finally looks like it will happen.

Last Wednesday's ceremony was a victory party, with more than a thousand supportive business people from in and around Evansville.  And, with Governor Mitch Daniels running for re-election, some would say it even looked more like his political rally! (Click here to read more on the ceremony.)

But getting past the politics, the message was clear:  I-69 is BIG news for Southwestern Indiana.  As a Rotary colleague told me, this will be the biggest financial windfall ever to hit this part of Indiana.

I think the organization, Hoosier Voices, has addressed the naysayers very well.  And that is, the critics helped improve the plan.  And, the Governor had the best line of the day for the protestors that use violence.  He said, "Hoosier hospitality would be suspended in their case!"

Our stand is this:  I-69 is good for Southwestern Indiana and eventually Western Kentucky.  It is about more than convenience.  It is about bringing jobs and development to our area.

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