Owensboro dog show at Roberts Stadium

Organizers had just three weeks to find a new location for the River Valley Cluster Dog Show. They chose Roberts stadium in Evansville because of the size and because it's air conditioned.

"It was pretty much a scramble, just trying to relocate and find a facility big enough and that had air conditioning," said Owensboro Kennel Club chairwoman Cindi Higgins. "It was very difficult."

Higgins is glad to see the show is still going on. About 3,800 dogs entered the contest, but Higgins says that's about 800 less than last year. She believes it's because of the location change and, "of course gas prices. We have a lot of big rigs that transport the animals."

But Bonnie Money said nothing would keep her away. "I have a puppy that just turned 6 months and this is her debut," she said.

However, she would have preferred it stayed in Owensboro. "The executive inn is much easier to get around in," Monday said. "There's more grooming space. I hated to see it not be available."

Liz Doyle, who started showing dogs 40 years ago in Evansville, feels Roberts stadium is a good alternative. "Well from what I can tell I like this better," said Doyle. "It seems roomier and much more convenient, everything in one building."

Organizers have already started planning for next years dog show, but the location for that is still undecided.

The River Valley Cluster Dog Show runs all weekend long at Roberts Stadium.