Taking a Stand: Feedback on Bicycles

I've received more e-mails and calls about an editorial on bike riders than any other editorial I've done at WFIE-TV.  To remind you, we said that with gas prices so high, we'll see more two wheeled vehicles on the road.  And, they have the same rights we do and we need to respect them.  (Click here to read the entire editorial.)

Tony called in and said, "I'm in agreement that the biking people have the same rights as motorists.  They pay taxes for road repairs just like everyone else.  I appreciate the Mayor for designating more bike routes."

But the majority that responded didn't say the same thing.

Beverly from Evansville says, "You have just lost any respect that this viewer has for you.  It may be somewhat true that bicycles are slower and should be respected, HOWEVER upon observing bicycle riders they do not observe the rules of the road."

An anonymous viewer adds, "You failed to mention the bicycles ride against the traffic, on the sidewalks and zip through stop signs and red lights."

Matt from Evansville says, "If I was caught driving in the middle of the road, I would probably be stopped and checked for drunk driving.  Do they want the same treatment as cars or not?  My guess is not."

Thanks to everyone that responded to the editorial.  If you'd like to take a stand on an issue, good or bad, please contact me!

To respond to this editorial, send an e-mail or call 812-253-0107.  You can send a letter to me at: Debbie Bush, WFIE-TV, and P.O. Box 1414, Evansville, IN 47701.