Obama addresses the NAACP

Posted by Jeff Will

Barack Obama addressed the NAACP, the nation's largest black organization, undaunted by criticism that he's spent too much time dressing down black America.

"When we are taking care of our own stuff, then a lot of other folks are gonna be interested in joining up and working with us to take care of America's stuff," said Obama.

The audience in Cincinnati obviously did not share the views of Jesse Jackson who's in hot water for speaking frankly into the hot microphones at the Fox News Channel.

"See, Barack been, um, talking down to black people on this faith based... I wanna cut his n--ts off," said Jackson.

But Obama is demanding blacks demand more of themselves.

During his speech he said, "No matter how much money we invest in our communities none of it will make a difference, at least not enough of a difference, if we also at the same time don't seize more responsibility in our own lives."

Each argument for personal responsibility was met with thunderous approval in Cincinnati.

Obama's rival, John McCain, hopes to get the same response when he speaks there on education this Wednesday.