Taking a Stand: Feedback on Ellis Park

We've received quite a bit of feedback on our editorial about supporting the reopening of Ellis Park.  We said we hope people will support the track-or risk losing it in the future.

Two callers say they can't support it, and aren't happy with me that I would suggest it!

David of Evansville says, ""I am very disappointed in what you had to say.  No one seems to be remembering the people who have lost their jobs...the people who are on strike!"

Derek of Evansville says "I believe Ron Geary should settle the strike.  He has settled with the horsemen.  Now he should settle with the clerks."

Adrienne of Newburgh says "I was pretty horrified tonight to see your encouragement that people support Ellis Park..."  She went on to say:  "I cannot believe that you can find an editorial voice for an incidental entertainment that empties more local bank accounts than it contributes to.  Your community concern is simply astounding."

Those are some of your opinions on Ellis Park.  Later this week, we will air some of your opinions on our bicycle editorial.

To respond to this editorial, send an e-mail or call 812-253-0107.  You can send a letter to me at: Debbie Bush, WFIE-TV, and P.O. Box 1414, Evansville, IN 47701.