Evansville holds annual city swim meet

Andy Haas
Andy Haas
Rick Moers
Rick Moers

Posted by Mike Mardis

It's a blast for those who enter and hundreds do, but there's also some pretty intense competition at the Evansville City Swim Meet each year.

Sunday was the finals of the two-day event at Garvin Park. The event has been going on for decades with swimmers from pre-school age to senior citizens taking to the water.

They swim for themselves, but also for their home pool.

The age 41-45 men's 100 meter backstroke was won by Andy Haas, who's coached some of the top swimmers in the city.

He says it's a unique community event.

"It's great," Haas said. "It's unbelievable that none of these kids swim all year round. They come out here and only swim for two and a half months a year and the competitiveness of all of them, it's incredible that we get this many people out here.

Rick Moers has been swimming for 41 years and he said his family is one reason he still does it.

"Some of it is family," Moers said. "I've got two girls that are 14 and 18 and they still do it, and they kind of made me keep in to it.

Moers still holds the 200 meter backstroke record for seven and eight year olds.