Taking a Stand: Go to the Races!

After a brief scare, live racing is back at Ellis Park on Friday!   As you remember, it was just about a week ago that owner Ron Geary announced the park was closing for good.

At the time, he couldn't come to an agreement with the organization that represents the horse owners.  But over the long holiday weekend, that changed.  And, now we're back to live racing!

After the first announcement was made, there was a huge outcry from the community:  how could OUR track close?

It not only employs almost 600 full-time and seasonal workers, but it is a big tourist attraction for the Tri-State!

It hasn't been a secret that this racing season is considered "do or die" for Ellis Park.  And much of the success will depend upon internet and phone betting from across the country.  But there is something we can do here.

The track is just like any business.  The more public support it gets, the more it will prosper.  It's simply a matter of economics.

Our stand is that the future of Ellis Park is now up to you!  If you want to keep it, and we hope you do, you need to go to the restaurant, watch the horses, make a bet...just GO to the Races!

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