Evansville's ISP post gets K-9's

Posted by Mike Mardis

There are a few rookies at the Indiana State Police post in Evansville.

Two German Shepherds, Rydr and Andy, are the first K-9's at the post. The dogs specialize in drug searches and suspect apprehension.

The post raised its own money to pay for the dogs and their handlers to go through a 14 week training program. Senior Trooper Kevin Waters said he and Rydr have been called out three times since they finished training.

"It allows you to do things that you could not do before," Waters said. "Before, you'd have a burglary, you might scan the area. But now, you can actually take the dog from the point of where you think the perpetrator's last location was and track him to where he's at."

Andy and Rydr are also trained to find missing children and adults. There are now 27,000 K-9's across Indiana.