Price of pumps going up

Posted by Amanda Lents

We're all aware the price at the pump has increased. Now it appears the price of pumps will go up.

Now higher fuel and manufacturing costs are affecting the soles on your feet.

Whether it's a platform stiletto, just a heel, or even a wedge, next to diamonds, shoes are a woman's best friend.

Rachel Dodds of The Wall Street Journal says Italian and European imports have already increased in price, and now it's hitting those name brands made in China.

But how soon and how much?

"Whether the shoes are made for walking or just looking good, the economic pressures on manufacturing are the same," said Dodds.

However, sidestepping rising costs may not prevent purchases, though it may foster some fancy footwork.

"I'm definitely driven by price. I try to buy on sale at Bergdorf's," said one shoe customer.

Try to get more for your money by tracking department store clearance sales.

Go to the sales rack first, use those store loyalty coupons for discounts, if you're an easy fit, try ordering from discount sites online.

If you're a tough fit, skimp on something else and indulge your foot.