Update: EPD searching for shooting suspect

Update: Evansville Police are searching for a teenage suspect after an overnight shooting.

Police say the suspect fired several shots at a group of young men near Washington and Kentucky Avenues around 1:00 Tuesday morning.

Jason Owsley, a witness to the shooting, said he and some friends were walking back from a night of playing basketball at the YMCA. He claims a group of kids came out of no where and approached them.

That's when trouble started.

"They were saying all kinds of reckless stuff and said, 'well we got the guns now so what you gonna do?'" Owsley said.

The witness said things between the two groups got heated and claims the suspect pulled out a handgun, but that witness said he never thought he'd pull the trigger.

D'Arian Burrows also saw the whole thing. He describes a scene that sounds like the shooter and his victim possibly knew each other.

"The dude runs up with a pistol in his hand and comes right here and asks, 'Is this one of the dudes right here? Is this one of the dudes right here?' And they say, 'Yes,' and the dude pulls out his pistol and he shot three shots," Burrows said.

"He started shooting so a few people scattered," Owsley said. "But the one that didn't scatter was the one that got hit."

The victim was shot in the shoulder. Evansville Police arrested one person.

"Another subject ran from us," an officer said. "He ended up matching the description of the shooter. He dropped a gun."

Police say he was not the shooter, but they arrested him for carrying an unlicensed weapon.

Police consider the suspect to be armed and dangerous.


Reporter Nicole DiDonato
Posted by Amanda Lents

Evansville police are searching for a shooting suspect.

It happened just after 1 am Tuesday near downtown, leaving one person injured.

Police believe they know who the shooter is and where he lives. Officers are pretty confident they'll eventually find the suspect.

But witnesses claim they didn't know who he was.

One of the witnesses says he and some friends were walking back from playing midnight basketball at the YMCA when another group came up to them.

He says things got a little heated between the two groups and that is when he and his friends were threatened with a gun.

That same witness claims one of the guys from the other group pulled out a gun and started shooting.

He says his group all started running away, but one person was shot in the shoulder.

Officers caught up with a man they thought matched the description of the shooter.

Turns out the man wasn't the suspect they're looking for but when he started running, he dropped a gun and police arrested him for carrying an unlicensed weapon.