MA: Diamond rings found in toilet

Posted by Mike Mardis

A 10-year-old boy dropped his toothbrush in the toilet and ended up finding a real treasure in Chatham, Massachusetts.

There were jewels stuck in the john that hadn't been seen in years.

"I put it way up there and I felt something," Cameron Delande, found the rings, said. "So I took it out and it was two rings."

He found two dirty diamond rings he rushed to tell his dad about.

"I didn't believe him," his father said.

The Delande's took the rings to a jeweler to be cleaned and checked and found out one was more than 100 years old.

"They belonged to somebody's mom, if they weren't hers, they'd belong to somebody else, you know," Stephanie Delande, Cameron's mother, said. "So, the sentimental value is like amazing."

They tracked down the old owner of the house and returned the rings to a very grateful Mary Trainor, whose mother died just five years ago.

"She was crying because she was very happy," Cameron said.

"I just couldn't believe it, I really just couldn't believe it," Trainor said. "It was unbelievable."

Cameron said the Delande's called their real estate agent to help them track down the owner.