Taking a Stand: Move Over for Bikes

Gas prices are soaring and we are seeing more and more motorcycles, scooters and bicycles on the road. In fact, Evansville is acknowledging the trend.  The Mayor recently announced the city is designating twenty miles of on-street bikeways.  Some of the roads will be widened.  Others will just get signs.  And, the plan has Lincoln Avenue downtown going from four to three lanes accommodate bikers.

But Misty in Evansville writes:  "There is a problem.  It is dangerous!  Drivers completely ignore bicycles.  They are annoyed at the pace on the roads and ignore them when turning onto other roads.  The rules of the road are supposed to be the same for bikes and cars."

Misty, you're right!  As a car driver, I'll admit to irritation when I come upon a bike rider.

But Misty is right, the law protects those on two wheels.  They have the same right to the roads as I do.  And what's more it makes sense.  People like Misty are not only saving money on gas, but they are getting exercise and a healthier heart and body.

Our stand:  let's work harder to respect the bikers on the roadway.  It's the right thing to do.

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