Perkins wins Heat 1A at Thunder

Thunder rookie Brian Perkins wasn't expecting to win in his initial outing on the Ohio.
But that's exactly what happened on Saturday afternoon.

Steve David and the Oh Boy Oberto and Jimmy King and the MasterTire boat were both penalized for jumping the gun early. That allowed Perkins to pick up the win averaging a speed of 125.182 mph.  David told 14 news that it's a little different coming to Thunder as a driver. He's been here in other capacities for the last 8 years. "Every time I go to a new race course as a driver it is a little nerve wracking but to do what we can. We don't really have a whole lot of expectations but to do our best."

Heat 2A saw Jeff Bernard in the boat, edging teammate Mike Allen. The finals are set for Sunday at 4:30.