No leads yet in Jasper pipe bombs

After hearing the explosion Matt Day realized he wasn't dealing with a typical school prank. "It's going overboard. I'm worried about the escalation of it."

Two pipe bombs went off inside Day's mailbox just this month, the most recent on Tuesday night.

"I'm a principal, do some things people don't like every once in a while but normally I have a pretty good relationship with the kids," Day said.

Inside both bombs investigators found a black explosive powder, an electrical device and shrapnel.

"Because the elements are similar we believe it is the same person," said Sgt. Lisa Miller of the Jasper Police Department.

During the first incident the entire mailbox exploded. The second incident wasn't quite as bad, only the front of the mailbox exploded. Still police say in either case a lot of harm could have been done.

"These are very dangerous. They are dangerous to people in neighborhood if it's a large enough explosion," said Sgt. Miller.

That's Carrie Ellis' concern. She has a six month old child. "Especially in the middle of the night when you're not expecting it. You hear a loud boom, you don't know what it is or where it's coming from."

Authorities say the suspect or suspects involved are also putting themselves in danger.

"This powder can go off with friction static electricity, explode the device. We could have young kids mutilated for life," Sgt. Miller said.

So Day hopes whoever's doing this is caught before they hurt themselves or somebody else.

Police have said they don't have any leads so far. The suspect or suspects could face felony charges of manufacturing and detonating an explosive device.