All About The Soil

The soil without any treatment. The grass is thin. You want a better turf... thus you fertilize. But the only thing available to you are primary nutrition... nitrogen, phosphorus, potash... solid nutrients... thus... They release their food at the surface encouraging, even forcing the grass roots which are lazy to come to the surface to feed. Natural deep rooting is reversed, this is also true with quick release liquid fertilizer that is not organic and does not incorporate itself within the soil structure. Mat and thatch forms... roots continue to form at the surface. Further surface applications of fertilizers, especially slow-release ones, continue the formation of mat and thatch at the surface which forms a barrier to proper circulation within the soil of air-nutrients-water. You need more watering because it evaporates at the surface. Continued mat and thatch development forms an ideal environment for fungus and insects to breed and cause damage. Soil hardens up without proper circulation and the presence of air-water and the grass roots themselves.

Our liquid feeding of complete nutrition and soil rebuilders, penetrates deeply, feeds slowly because it is mostly organic... down in the soil. Roots feed deeply. Water and air circulate... up and down... and gets the soil loose. Thus, the lawn can flourish. Roots grow down deeper and deeper and develop. Top growth means your lawn thickens and spreads. Less problems. No mat and thatch formation to cause big problems later. Fungus and insects do not have the environment they like. They go elsewhere. Roots continue to go deeper. And create more organic material within the soil. The soil is loose and... alive! Roots fully develop storing food for the grass plant. The grass is strong and healthy allowing it to ward off problems. The roots reach natural reservoirs of moisture and this means you water less often. No seeding is needed. Everything is working... for you!