Services to be held for shooting victims

Atlantis Plastic workers returned to work, but it wasn't the same. Six co-workers were missing, dead after a shooting rampage.

Now, some Henderson residents are doing all they can to help the families involved.

The people who run Tienda America are trying to raise money to send four of the victims' bodies back to their native Mexico.

Gloria Leom, Sebree store owner, knew three of the victims including Rachael Vasquez.

"They were very good people," Leom said. "They were very noble at work and at home. When they were buying their food here, they were never a problem."

She said the Hispanic community in Webster county is grieving. No one knows that more than Father Jason McClure of Saint Michael's Catholic Church in Sebree where mass is held in Spanish every Sunday.

He's not just burning a candle for the four victims who went to church there, but for everyone involved, including the shooter, Neal Higdon.

"For the family of the gunman, that we pray for them as well," McClure said. "I want them to hopefully know that the church has them in our prayers also. And we hope, at some point, that they are able to find peace as well."

That's how many of the people of Dixon feel, where Higdon and his single mom lived in a mobile home on State Road 630 for a while.

"It's devastating," Jimmy Mooney, Dixon resident, said. "I haven't seen her since it happened, but I know it's got to be devastating. He was all she had basically."

McClure has been spending time with the families of the victims, trying to help them make sense of this tragedy. He's working on a sermon to deliver on Sunday to help his congregation cope with the loss.

"God is somehow present in the midst of even the worst tragedy," McClure said. "So we turn to God and trust that somehow God will bring peace and healing to this situation."

McClure helped with translation Thursday as the families of the Hispanic victims made funeral arrangements.

A service will be held for all four of them this Saturday at 6 p.m. at Holy Name Church in Henderson.

Services will also be held this Saturday for Atlantis Supervisor Kevin Taylor at Rudy Rowland Funeral Home in Henderson.